Caverion as an employer

We operate in a personnel intensive industry.  17,000 employees in 12 countries are our most valuable asset and the cornerstone of our success as competent employees play a key role in fulfilling our clients’ needs. We emphasise excellent leadership, which is one of Caverion’s six strategic focus areas and a key enabler of our profitable growth.

Our aim is to be the most attractive employer in our field of business. We focus particularly on performance management, continuous career-long learning, fair and motivating rewarding as well as a safe working environment and wellbeing at work. We ensure that competent people work in the right places and offer them opportunities to advance in their careers, also internationally. We are developing a strong culture of client service.

Our aim is to be the most attractive employer in our field of business.


Highlights in 2014

    • We built our identity as a new company. Our goal is to become known as a genuine European service company, and therefore we focused on developing a common service culture, in particular.
    • We recruited key people to the Group’s Management Board, division management and Group functions. We also reviewed our existing key professionals.
    • We invested strongly in young talent. We employed a total of over 1,200 summer employees, thesis students and trainees in different countries, which was significantly more than in the previous year (2013: approx. 800).
    • We worked on a building common operating model for HR as well as coherent people processes and IT systems.
    • We conducted our first personnel survey, in which our personnel took part in actively, with the response rate being 78%. The results were overall positive: 86% of respondents reported that they enjoy their work, and 75% were overall satisfied in Caverion as a place to work.
    • We continued to develop the culture and operating methods that support occupational safety. Among other measures, we improved the competence of senior management in preventive safety work. Accident frequency rate (number of occupational accidents resulting in absence per a million work hours) remained on a steady level, being 10 in 2014 (9 in 2013 and 11 in 2012).