Management and governance

The administration of Caverion Corporation and the Caverion Group complies with valid legislation, the company’s Articles of Association and the rules and regulations of bodies that regulate and supervise the operations of Finnish listed companies.

In addition, Caverion’s operations are guided by the common values and internal operating priciples confirmed in the company. Caverion also complies with all recommendations of the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued by the Securities Market Association.



We comply with all recommendations of the Finnish Corporate Governance Code.


We annually publish the following statements:

These documents are published in connection with the publication of the Annual Report.

We constatly update information regarding corporate governance on our website.This information includes the CVs and up-to-date share ownership data of the members of our Group Management Board and the Board of Directors as well as the Charters of the Board of Directors and their committees.

More information on Caverion's website:

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