Competitive landscape

Comprehensive services are a clear competitive advantage for Caverion, enabling us to stand out from the crowd. 

Caverion understands the complexity of building technologies and industrial processes, and efficiently manages their entire life cycle. We can assume responsibility for designing and building the technical systems and solutions for the property or industrial plant and take care of their service and maintenance. Our comprehensive expertise in all technical disciplines and competence in integrating them ensures that the final result is always an efficient assembly of compatible systems.

Due to our strong technical expertise and own product development, we can provide our clients with innovative and cost-saving solutions.

Caverion’s key competitive edges

  • Life cycle solutions: Comprehensive services, that cover all technical disciplines throughout the life cycle of a property and industrial plant, and competence in system integration.
  • Strong technical competence and own innovative solutions
  • Energy efficiency as part of all services and solutions
  • Geographically extensive operations in 12 countries: Strong market position in all key operating countries.
  • Preconditions for strong and stable cash flow: Low invested capital, wide client base and significant share of service and maintenance in business
  • Ability to grow also through acquisitions

Main competitors

Competition in the market typically takes place on the local level. Building systems companies in the European market can roughly be divided into three categories:

Main competitors by country:


Are, Royal Imtech, Consti


Bravida, Royal Imtech, Midroc Electro AB


Gunnar Karlsen, Bravida, Oras


Kemp & Lauritzen, Wicotec Kirkebjerk, Bravida


Bilfinger Facility Services, Royal Imtech, Strabag PFS


Ortner, EQOS Energie, Cofely

Industry client segment

Maintpartner, BIS Production Partner (Bilfinger Industrial Services), Empower