Group strategy

Our mission is to design, build, operate and maintain user-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, infrastructure and industrial plants. In the strategy period extending to the end of 2016, the main focus is on achieving our growth and profitability targets, improving working capital efficiency, and offering life cycle solutions.

In April 2014, we specified our vision: We are a leading European provider of advanced and sustainable life cycle solutions for buildings and industries.

The core of our strategy remained intact in 2014. Improved profitability, strong growth, as well as the development of innovative, advanced solutions, still remained our objectives. In addition, we are increasingly emphasising strong company image, excellent leadership and operational excellence as enablers of profitability and growth.

We focus on improving the efficiency of our operations by introducing a coherent operating model as well as common processes and tools throughout the company.

Growth is pursued especially through balancing our business mix: increasing the share of service and maintenance and Design & Build projects, and moving towards more comprehensive life cycle services. There is also growth potential through acquisitions.

We aim to strengthen our technological expertise by continuously developing our products, solutions and service concepts, and to utilise the potential related to digitalisation of services, remote management of properties and tightening requirements for energy efficiency.