Caverion in brief

Caverion designs, builds, operates and maintains user-friendly and energy-efficient technical solutions for buildings and industries.

Our services are used in offices, retail properties, housing, public premises, industrial plants and infrastructure, among other places.

We aim to be a leading European provider of advanced and sustainable life cycle solutions. Our strengths include technological competence and comprehensive services, covering all technical disciplines throughout the life cycle of the property and industrial plant.

Our revenue for 2014 amounted to approximately EUR 2.4 billion. Caverion has about 17 000 employees in 12 countries in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Our head office is located in Helsinki, Finland. The Caverion share (CAV1V) is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Caverion was established through the demerger of Building Services and Industrial Services businesses from YIT Group in June 2013.
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Services throughout the life cycle

Caverion understands the complexity of building technologies and industrial processes, and efficiently manages their entire life cycle. We can assume responsibility for designing and building the technical systems and solutions for the property or industrial plant as well as take care of their service and maintenance. Our comprehensive competence covers all technical disciplines, and enable us to guarantee that technical systems always form a compatible, well-functioning entity.

Strong market position in all key operating countries

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Companies: Caverion Österreich GmbH
Main office: Vienna
Number of offices: 9
Personnel: 722
Revenue: EUR 136 million
Local market position: Among top 3



Companies: Caverion A/S
Main office: Fredericia
Number of offices: 14
Personnel: 1,041
Revenue: EUR 127 million
Local market position: Among top 5



Companies: Caverion Suomi Oy, Caverion Industria Oy, Caverion Corporation
Main office: Helsinki
Number of offices: ~70
Personnel: 4,697
Revenue: EUR 521 million
Local market position: 1



Companies: Caverion Deutschland GmbH
Main office: Munich
Number of offices: 23
Personnel: 2,415
Revenue: EUR 496 million
Local market position: Among top 5



Companies: Caverion Norge AS
Main office: Oslo
Number of offices: ~50
Personnel: 2,804
Revenue: EUR 458 million
Local market position: 1



Companies: Caverion Sverige AB, Caverion Industria Sverige AB
Main office: Solna
Number of offices: ~100
Personnel: 3,868
Revenue: EUR 597 million
Local market position: Among top 3


Other countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic)

Companies: Caverion Eest AS, Caverion Latvija, Caverion Lietuva,
Caverion St. Petersburg, Caverion Elmek,
Caverion Polska, Caverion Ceska Republica s.r.o
Number of offices: 17
Personnel: 1,527
Revenue: EUR 71 million
Local market position: n/a

The company is new, but we already have a long history with a lot of valuable experience. Caverion is a truly European company with strong roots in the countries where it operates.

Based on revenue, we are the sixth largest among European building systems companies. We have strong growth potential in the fragmented market, and we aim to grow both organically and through acquisitions.



We are the market leader in our field of business in Finland and Norway, and among the top five in all of our key operating countries.





head office in Helsinki, Finland






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ISO 14001


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