Wellness resort requires healthy indoor conditions

The spa hotel and wellness centre Viva Salis at lake Altaussee, Austria, is preparing to welcome its first guests in summer 2015. The special requirements of a spa facility are carefully considered in the design of the property’s building systems. It all starts with healthy indoor conditions and the comfort of the guests – without forgetting the energy efficiency.

The air change rate in the spa will be based on hygienic and indoor air requirements of the property rather than a set room temperature. All areas of the hotel complex will be fitted with mechanical supply and return air devices with heat recovery units. To ensure a balanced room temperature, under-floor heating will be laid and connected to a gas condensing boiler system. In the spa area, the ventilation ducts will be plastic, which is corrosion-proof against salt and chlorine. Efficient multi-layer filter systems will condition the water for the salt-water pool and bathing area. The guest rooms will be heated with rapid warming systems, which means these facilities will not require constant heating in high volumes when they are not used, at the same time ensuring that the rooms can be rapidly heated to comfortable temperature also on colder days.

Hotel Viva Salis, Altaussee, Austria

Service areas: Design & Engineering, Project Management, Project Execution

Technical disciplines: Heating & Sanitation, Air Conditioning, Cooling, Fire extinguishing, Automation

Lifespan: 2014-2015

Size: 15,000 m2

Value: EUR 4.5 million