Service and maintenance

The market demand for service and maintenance continued to be stable and the general interest in life cycle solutions continued to increase in 2014. We developed the efficiency of our service processes and introduced common operating methods.

Highlights in 2014

    • The revenue of our service and maintenance business was EUR 1,297 million (2013: EUR 1,409 million), accounting for 54% (55%) of the Group's total revenue.
    • The service and maintenance market was stable in all operating countries. The general interest in life cycle solutions continued to increase.
    • The development projects in the service and maintenance business progressed well and we were developing a common service process for all of our operating countries. The renewed service process was adopted in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Our goal is to have the common process in use in all divisions by the end of 2016.
    • We engaged in active development work with the goal of, for instance, improving the mobile service process and introducing common system tools. We expanded the adoption of mobile applications. The solution that for example, brings access to work orders and hour registration onto mobile devices was used by more than 2,000 service technicians in Finland and Sweden, and preparations to introduce the solution in Norway and Austria were under way. A mobile dashboard that enables service managers’ to better monitor the progress of service process was introduced in Finland at the end of the year.
    • Market outlook for 2015: Technical maintenance business is expected to be stable. Requirements for increased energy efficiency and better indoor conditions and tightening environmental legislation will be significant factors to support positive market development. Demand for managed services is expected to increase. As technology in buildings is increasing the need for new services and the demand for life cycle solutions are expected to increase. Customers’ tendency towards focusing on their core operations continues to open opportunities for Caverion in terms of outsourced operation and maintenance mainly for public authorities, industries and utilities.

New agreements

Holstebro police station, Denmark. Life cycle project that includes the design and total delivery of all building systems in the property, followed by operation, service and maintenance throughout a contract period of 25 years. The value of the project is close to EUR 19 million. Read more

IZD Tower, Vienna, Austria. The renewed agreement includes the comprehensive maintenance in a 35-storey office building. The value of the agreement is EUR 3 million. Read more

Technical University of Munich, Germany. The renewed agreement covers technical maintenance, managed operations and energy management of the Garching campus. The agreement also includes other services, such as security and cleaning services, through subcontracting. The property is connected to Caverion’s remote monitoring service. Read more

MTU Aero Engines, Munich, Germany. Technical maintenance of all building systems, managed operations, the property’s energy audit and the implementation of energy saving measures for MTU’s headquarters. Read more

Rovaniemen Energia, Finland. The outsourcing agreement covering the maintenance of the district heating network and separate heating stations in Northern Finland. Read more

Kemijoki, Finland. The outsourcing that covers the operations and maintenance of 16 hydropower plants includes most of the properties and infrastructure located by the Kemijoki river in Northern Finland. Approximately 80 employees transferred to Caverion in 2014. Read more

RTL Television, Cologne, Germany. The technical maintenance of the ventilation, cooling and sanitation systems of the TV studios located in the Rheinhallen building. Read more

Total Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland, Leuna, Germany. The renewed agreement covers technical maintenance of all the building systems and the managed operations in the non-production areas of the petrochemical company. Furthermore, Caverion is responsible for cleaning of the buildings and maintenance of the outside facilities, among others, arranged through subcontracting. Read more

Responsibility throughout the life cycle

Revenue 2014

EUR million
(2013: EUR 1,409 million)

Share of Group revenue

(2013: 55%)