Responsibility throughout
the life cycle

In 2012–2013, Caverion designed and delivered highly energy-efficient building systems as a the total technical solution to three daycare centres located in the city of Porvoo, Finland.

With underfloor heating, combination of terrestrial heat and solar collectors, LED technology, motion detectors and presence-based ventilation, less than half of the energy consumed is purchased energy. In fact, the properties are very close to qualifying as passive houses.

Energy-efficient technology alone, however, is not sufficient when the objective is to keep the daycare centres in good condition for decades to come. This is why Caverion is also responsible for the buildings’ comprehensive maintenance all the way up until 2032.

The daycare centres are connected to Caverion’s remote management and control room, where their conditions are monitored round the clock, ensuring optimal energy consumption.

Children's daycare centres in Porvoo, Finland

Service areas: Managed Life Cycle

Technical disciplines: Total technical solution (all technical discipline)

Lifespan: 2012−2032

Size: three daycare centres

Contract value: not disclosed