Business model and service areas in project business

We design and build technical systems and processes for both existing and new properties and industrial plants. Our deliveries vary in size from individual systems to total technical solutions that cover all technologies in the property. In addition to project execution, our services cover project management, design and engineering, as well as advisory services.

Our project business mainly consists of a high volume of projects that typically have an individual value of around a few million euros. Our largest target markets are in Central Europe, particularly in Germany, where we have also delivered our largest projects in terms of value: In 2014, our largest project in Germany was worth over EUR 30 million. Often, the largest projects include not only project execution but also project management and design & engineering. In the Nordic countries, Caverion’s business was more focused on smaller project deliveries and service and maintenance, with the size of individual projects varying in the range of EUR 2–11 million in 2014.

Providing expertise to optimise clients’ operations

Caverion offers Advisory Services related to technical systems and industrial processes. Our goal is develop functional, safe, energy- and cost-efficient technology and solutions to increase the efficiency of our clients’ operations. We analyse, develop and optimise the operation of technical systems. We offer energy efficiency advisory and help our clients choose the best systems for each property, that also meet the requirements of environmental certification, when needed.

We use advanced solutions to predict and model the conditions inside properties. In designing the project, we can also utilise information and data obtained through building automation.

Caverion has the ability to deliver extensive projects that cover system integration of several technical disciplines, and include also design & engineering services and project management.


Due to our own research and development centre, product development and own solutions, we can provide our clients with solutions that are tailored to their needs. The company’s R&D centre in Aachen, Germany, specialises in the development of advanced products related to ventilation, cooling and heating. In addition, R&D work is carried out in divisions.

In 2014, we launched a total of 10 patent applications related to our solutions. One of them was an automatic apartment-specific fire extinguishing system launched in Finland. Other submitted patent applications were related to solutions in ventilation, air conditioning and cooling and for example products based on phase change materials.

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Design & Engineering Services guarantee high quality

In the Design & Engineering Services, we offer customised solutions tailored to the clients’ needs and optimised for installation and operation phases.

System integration is one of Caverion’s core competencies. Our comprehensive expertise in all technical disciplines and competence in integrating them ensures that the final result is always an efficient assembly of compatible systems.

In-house design and engineering guarantees high-quality of the final project delivery and reduces project-related risks. When we are involved in the project from the very beginning, we can influence the choice of systems and technologies, thus avoiding unnecessary re-design in the implementation phase. Partially simultaneous planning and installation also reduces the duration of the implementation.

Some of our projects feature Building Information Modelling (BIM), which enables the 3D modelling of buildings and technical systems, as well as the simulation of different systems. The modelling of technical systems enables us to test the practical functionality and compatibility of the systems already at the design and engineering phase.

BIM generates cost savings and reduces installation times during project execution, and it also enables the more extensive utilisation of prefabrication. In 2014, it was utilised, for example, in the HVAC and electrical system delivery for the Huddinge hospital’s education centre in Sweden.

Professional project management is a prerequisite for successful execution

Caverion has decades of experience in Project Management in various client segments. Professional project management enables success on site and secures projects with balanced quality, costs and delivery times.

Common processes and tools ensure high quality in all projects. Our project management handbook contains all of our project-related instructions, and helps us to ensure coherent processes and a high level of quality in all projects. We also provide training to make sure that the know-how of our seasoned project managers is transferred to the younger generation.

We closely monitor and follow-up the progress of our projects in each phase to address any risks or deviations in quality, costs, or schedules as early as possible. All actions are documented and stored so that clients can easily review them. This practice also applies to the actions of our subcontractors. All significant changes in the project scope are reported to a higher organisational level, and in major projects, a steering group is established to oversee progress.

Installations according to the client’s needs

In Project Execution, we provide installation of technical systems according to clients’ needs, ranging from a single discipline to total technical solutions comprising all technical systems in the property.

Careful planning, just-in-time sourcing of materials and components, as well as our own qualified personnel on site guarantee the efficiency and high quality of our installations. We pay a lot of attention to worksafety on site. Also in this field, we are a forerunner in our industry.

We aim to increase the use of our own prefabricates in our project deliveries. Our research and development centre in Aachen, Germany, produces prefabricates related to ventilation, cooling, heating and clean air solutions. Prefabrication improves the efficiency of installation work on site, ensures uniform quality and improves technicians’ safety at work.

Solid expertise in industrial processes

In addition to providing technical systems for buildings, Caverion offers project deliveries of technical systems and processes to industry. We help our clients in all industries to build a safer and more productive operating process. Our project deliveries to industry include design and engineering, material deliveries, prefabrication at our own workshops, project management and installation.

Industrial project deliveries are based on special expertise in design and extensive industrial prefabrication. We manufacture industrial prefabricates such as industrial piping, tanks and boilers, in three workshops in Finland and Sweden to be delivered to projects around the world. In Northern Europe, we are the market leader in high pressure piping systems.

Industrial projects that include delivery of industrial components are mainly carried out in Finland and Sweden. In other operating countries, we have industry clients to which we provide building systems such as ventilation, cooling, electricity and automation.

In addition to providing technical systems for buildings, we offer project deliveries to industry.


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Examples of our own solutions and products

  • LuxCool and ClimaCeil are suspended ceiling elements that integrate the technology needed for office premises: for example, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation as well as their adjustment and control.
  • Caverion Niagara and Caverion Pyramid automation systems
  • The Krantz brand (ventilation, cooling, heating and clean air solutions)
  • CleanPlus (cleanroom technology)
  • Automatic apartment specific fire extinguishing system
  • Solutions and products based on phase change materials (PMC), which reduce the need for coolers and improve the building’s energy efficiency