Property that turned into energy-efficient passive house through renovation

Bergelandsgården, located in the centre of Stavanger, was originally a property built in 1985, the building systems of which had become outdated. To be able to meet the demanding needs of its future users − the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the National Archives of Norway − the building is now undergoing extensive renovation and will become extremely energy efficient in the process. As a passive house, it will consume 75% less energy than buildings constructed in the traditional manner.

The building will combine office space, labs and archives, which all require high indoor air quality. 

True to the architecture of its time, the building’s room height is low. This requires technical solutions, too, to be built in a manner that does not waste any space. Sheltered underneath the ClimaCeil suspended ceiling element designed by Caverion, out of sight, are the building systems needed in the property: the heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems, among others.

The ClimaCeil solution is energy efficient, almost totally silent − and intelligent, when combined with building automation and remote management. Airflows and the temperature can be adjusted space-specifically and according to actual need: Should the sun, for example, be shining on the building’s facade from a cloudless sky, the volume of air conditioning can be turned up higher there than on the other side of the building, which remains in the shade. The ClimaCeil also provides flexibility, if in the future there is need to change the purpose of the premises or its space distribution.

Bergelandsgården, Stavanger, Norway

Service areas: Project Execution

Technical disciplines: Heating & Sanitation, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Cooling, Electricity, Automation

Lifespan: April 2014–November 2015

Size: 12,000 m2

Contract value: EUR 7 million