Courthouse built according to life cycle model

Caverion has designed and delivered building systems for the new courthouse of Western Jutland, Denmark, inaugurated in September 2014. Now that the property has been completed, Caverion is also responsible for its maintenance and life cycle services for the following 25 years.

The project, which includes design & engineering, project execution, project management as well as operation and maintenance was carried out with the public-private partnership (PPP) model. The main goal was to provide the courthouse with high-quality technical solutions and to ensure their functionality and optimal performance.

Caverion holds overall responsibility for the building’s energy efficiency and also manages not only technical services but also other services related to the property, such as indoor cleaning and maintenance of the green areas.

The technical systems in the building are connected to remote management system, allowing the space-specific adjustment of lights or temperature, among others, through remote connections. The temperature is adjusted automatically, based on the number of people in the property and lights are switched on and off based on presence. The purpose of the building with restricted access in some areas also demand advanced security systems.

Courthouse of Western Jutland, Viborg, Denmark

Service areas: Advisory Services, Design & Engineering, Project Management, Project Execution, Managed Operations, Managed Life Cycle

Technical disciplines: Heating & Sanitation, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Cooling, Electricity, Automation

Lifespan: 2013−2039

Size: ~9,500 m2

Contract value: Not disclosed