Cleanroom technology ensures the purity in production

Bactiguard is a growing international medical technology company with headquarters in Sweden. Its new production facilities in Botkyrka, near Stockholm, develop and manufacture coating materials for medical devices. These materials prevent microbial growth on the surface of medical instruments, thus reducing infections in hospitals and medical facilities.

To prevent impurities from affecting the products during the manufacturing phase, production takes place in cleanrooms delivered by Caverion in 2014. The technology in the cleanroom controls the spreading of dust, microbes as well as aerobic and chemical fumes, and keeps the concentration of airborne particles as low as possible.

Caverion was responsible for the project’s total delivery, which included the design and engineering of technical systems, project management and execution as well as setting up the cleanrooms. The cleanroom technology was implemented with Caverion’s own CleanPlus solutions. In addition, Caverion has delivered the ventilation, automation, piping, electricity and cooling system for the property.It was also responsible for the validation of the cleanrooms, i.e. ensuring that they are implemented according to the strict requirements of the medical industry.

Bactiguard’s cleanrooms, Botkyrka, Sweden

Service areas: Design & Engineering, Project Management, Project Execution

Technical disciplines: Ventilation, Cooling, Automation, Piping, Electricity

Lifespan: 2014

Size: 550 m2

Contract value: not disclosed