Business operations and services

Caverion understands the complexity of building technologies and industrial processes, and efficiently manages their entire life cycle.

We design, build, operate and maintain user-friendly and energy-efficient technical solutions for buildings and industries.

Our services are used in offices, retail properties, housing, public premises, industrial plants and infrastructure, among other places.

Our clients are real estate owners and developers, real estate users, general contractors, public sector operators, as well as companies representing all fields of industries.





Services throughout the life cycle

We can assume responsibility for designing and building the technical systems and solutions for the property or industrial plant as well as take care of their service and maintenance. Our comprehensive competence covers all technical disciplines, enabling us to guarantee that technical systems always form a compatible, well-functioning entity. Our services are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

From the client perspective, the life cycle approach means that their buildings, industrial facilities and processes are funtional, safe, sustainable, and energy- and cost-efficient. All of our services and technical systems are available in all of our countries of operation.


Service areas 




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Technical disciplines




Technological expertise and own innovative solutions

Technological competence, innovativeness and own solutions are our key strengths. Our in-house research and development centre supports our continuous product and service development. We provide our clients with customised, advanced solutions for demanding environments such as laboratories, hospitals, and clean rooms.

Energy efficiency considered in all services

Energy efficiency is an integral element in all of our services. We offer energy-efficient technical solutions, and with appropriate operation and maintenance, ensure optimal energy use in the property.Our energy efficiency services range from energy audits to total deliveries of life cycle projects.

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Courthouse according to life cycle model





We design, build, operate and maintain technical solutions. Our services cover all technical disciplines and the entire life cycle of the property and industrial plant.